2019 - 2020 SEASON



8/9/19 - 8/18/19

Adapted for the stage by Michael Gene Sullivan

Directed by David Ian Lee

In a nation where fervent, unquestioning patriotic zeal is expected of every citizen, where having rebellious thoughts is a crime, and where love of anything but The State is treason, Winston Smith, is being interrogated for his "thoughtcrimes." A modern take on Orwell's timeless and prescient novel, Michael Gene Sullivan has created a unique and breath-taking theatrical experience for our times.


2/14/20 - 2/23/20

Written by Amiri Baraka

Directed by Shawn Whitsell

The first of playwright Amiri Baraka's successes - and the cause of his critical acclaim, Dutchman is a modern re-imagining of the Adam and Eve story told during the civil rights era. Clay, a young black male witnesses his daily subway ride take a life changing turn. Encountered by Lula, a lascivious bombshell, he withstands a barrage of seduction, humiliation, trickery, and more as she attempts to bring him down to her level.


4/17/20 - 4/26/20

Written by Lewis Morrow

Directed by Max Andrew McCreary

A story inspired by true events, Elephant is an honest, intelligent, and humorous look at race relations in corporate America. Lewis Morrow guides us through the everyday frustrations and interactions as we follow Marcus, Mayra, Rae, Paulie, and Clarissa as they attempt to navigate life in the cramped confines of work, relationships, and all the red tape that comes with it in the Indiana premier of this new and immediately classic play. 



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