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Smart People

Four of Harvard University's brightest are all interested in different aspects of the brain, particularly how it responds to race. But like all smart people, they are also searching for love, success, and identity in their own lives. 

Operating System

A story about A.I. as you've never seen it before. Cherish Rhodes has created a profound story of ambition, love, humanity, and the bounds of creation.


Based on an unbelievable true story, Lewis Morrow weaves together a story about identity, perception, race, gender, and humanity in a brilliant, hilarious, and timely new play.

Finding Neoplasms

audio play

Research, hope, wonder, and the burden of knowledge. This is the story about the way that the truth can both imprison and liberate.


in support of the Vigo County Historical Society & Museum

Eugene V. Debs is considered by many to be the father of American socialism. His presidential campaign from behind bars has largely been forgotten. This is his story.


Reality television, cults, identity, and forgiveness all arise in the wake of tragedy. Equally hilarious and daring, Sievers brilliantly navigates the need for acceptance and belonging in the world premiere of Actualism.



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